The Atomic Sea: Part Three: An Epic Fantasy / Sci-Fi Adventure

| March 3, 2015


The Atomic Sea: Part Three: An Epic Fantasy / Science Fiction Adventure

Epic adventure in a strange world by the bestselling author of “The War of the Black Tower: An Epic Fantasy Trilogy”.

A thousand years ago, the sea began to change, and the change spread.

Now the boiling, toxic, lightning-wreathed Atomic Sea has encompassed every ocean on the planet, and the creatures that live in it have become mutated and unnatural. The sea’s taint can infect any human who comes in contact with it or with unprocessed seafood, killing them . . . or altering them. No one knows why the sea has become this way or what it portends, only that it’s irrevocably changed the world.

Meanwhile, world war has erupted, and the small country of Ghenisa, like many others, is tottering on the brink of collapse under the onslaught of the Empire of Octung. Middle-aged widower Dr. Francis Avery is aboard a military whaling ship far out on the Atomic Sea when a series of murders onboard propels him down a rabbit-hole of danger and terror unlike any other.

Soon he becomes aware of a spy on the ship, but that’s just the beginning. With the help of the grizzled whaler Janx and a mysterious woman named Layanna, he will embark on an epic quest to save Ghenisa from Octung and unravel the secrets of the Atomic Sea.

˃˃˃ This is the third volume of a multi-part saga of epic fantasy / science fiction adventure and high stakes in an awe-inspiring world unlike any you’ve ever seen before. Welcome to the world of the Atomic Sea.

NOTE: In its original version, Part Two encompassed what is now Books Two and Three. It was a massive volume and priced accordingly. To keep costs down I’ve split the book into parts, so if you read the original version of Part Two and want to know what happens next, hang on. The next part of the story is coming soon.

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Scroll up and grab a copy of “THE ATOMIC SEA: Part Three of an Epic Fantasy / Sci Fi Adventure” today.


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