Fixed-Term Love

| March 5, 2015


Fixed-Term Love

Vanessa Simpkins is a hardworking twenty-something with a mountain of student debt. She’s doing her utmost to make ends meet, but on her modest PA salary, she’s fighting a losing battle—and wandering around with holes in the underarms of her clothes is quickly getting tiresome.

So when her boss, the attractive and super-rich Josh Eccles, makes her an offer that could wipe out her debt once and for all, it’s too good to refuse. The playboy tycoon wants Vanessa to play the part of his girlfriend in an attempt to fool the world—and his mother—into believing that he’s finally settled down.

But a contract is one thing, and Vanessa’s heart is something different altogether. For Vanessa, the boundaries of professionalism soon become blurred, and soon she finds herself wondering: Can she keep their business agreement purely professional? Or could their make-believe love turn into something… real?


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