Black Flagged (The Black Flagged Technothriller Series Book 1)

| March 5, 2015


Black Flagged (The Black Flagged Technothriller Series Book 1)

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“A promising start to a complex black-ops thriller series.” - Kirkus Reviews

Black Flagged: Book One in the Black Flagged series

Daniel Petrovich, the most lethal operative created by the Department of Defense’s Black Flag Program, protects a secret buried in the deepest vaults of the Pentagon.
Blackmailed into executing one final mission, Daniel’s carefully constructed “life” rapidly disintegrates into a relentless federal manhunt–and a “24-style” race against the clock to suppress the shocking truth about his past. 
To survive, he’ll release the darkest side of his concealed identity. A dark side with few boundaries–and even fewer loyalties.
Black Flagged lays the foundation for a gritty, high-octane series exploring the serpentine link between covert operations and government agency politics.
Fans of Ludlum and Thor alike will revel in this new Black Ops series.   
Book 1: Black Flagged
Book 2: Black Flagged Redux
Book 3: Black Flagged Apex
Book 4: Black Flagged Vektor


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