The Duet

| March 6, 2015


The Duet

Izzy Delaney is sharp-tongued and quick-witted, with an unapologetic style of her very own. She is certain that she is destined for great things; if only she could hold down a job for more than a couple of weeks. Whether it’s her blue hair or her inability to conform to polite convention, Izzy can’t seem to find her niche.

Jay Archer is moody and introspective, and most definitely not a member of the Izzy Delaney fan club. In fact, Izzy can’t remember hearing him utter a complete sentence to her in… well, forever. He prefers to fade into the background and observe life from a safe distance.

Despite living in the same apartment and sharing a best friend, these polar opposites barely tolerate one another.

Until a chance encounter on stage changes everything.

A song written but never meant to be heard, a video accidentally gone viral, and an unthinkable tragedy. How can a bond so fragile be expected to stand up against the domino effect of The Duet?

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