The Maverick: Acrasia and Michael (Birthrights Book 4)

| March 6, 2015


The Maverick: Acrasia and Michael (Birthrights Book 4)

Book 4 in the Birthrights Series: After her father is diagnosed with terminal cancer, the 14-year-old psychic Acrasia turns to crime to purchase his medication and support the two of them. Four years later, she stands before the ADA assigned to her latest arrest: Michael Stanton, the man selected for her at birth by her god, Makemake. Unaware that Michael is her chosen, she steals his wallet and sets into motion a calamitous chain of events that culminates in her arrival at Stanton Ranch in Stanton, Wyoming.

At first horrified by Makemake’s choice for him, a woman he believes to be a prostitute, Michael attempts to reform Acrasia or, at the very least, talk to her about her genetic heritage. Once he realizes he has fallen in love with her, he attempts to win her over, a difficult prospect given her enmity toward him. Add to this a mother determined at all costs to thwart a relationship between the prospective lovers and a black duffle bag used to transport a kidnapped infant two decades before, and Michael’s efforts to secure Acrasia as his own are stymied at every turn.

The Maverick is half-tragedy and half-comedy as the combative Acrasia wins the hearts of all the Stantons but one. PG 13


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