Pocket Full of Victories

| March 14, 2015


Pocket Full of Victories

Pocket Full of Victories is for you – the one seeking, hungry, needing and ready for a change. Part memoir, part guide, sprinkled with humor and filled with passion, it is a deeply personal tale of a spiritual tug-of-war between a woman with her own plans and a God who had His own plans for her.

In this book, author Taneki Dacres recounts her journey from the world’s way to God’s way. She shares her trials and struggles, as well as her honest thoughts on what she thought Christianity was, and why she wanted no part of it.

Scripturally based, Pocket Full of Victories is filled with pockets of invaluable information that will inspire you and lead you on your journey from the world to Christ. Dacres has provided a comprehensive guide to help you to transition from a life of very few victories to a life of countless, lasting victories through Jesus Christ. In it you will discover:

– Who you are and whose you are

– How to conquer the battle of the mind

– How to speak life and not death for victories

– How to walk in the Spirit and not in the flesh

– How to live victoriously by faith and trust in God

– How to discover the greatness in you

– How to engage your arsenal of victories through prayer, gratitude, and praise

– And so much more!


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