The Wolves of Ragnarok

| March 17, 2015


The Wolves of Ragnarok

An ancient evil, imprisoned by the gods until the end of time, has broken free in our modern world.

The Norse gods imprisoned the trickster Loki for a heinous crime long ago, and it is foretold that he will bring about the end of the world when he escapes. As Loki begins to tear the world of humans apart with tricks and lies, causing panic and desperation, the gods must fight against him.

But the gods have long forgotten their divinity and live as ordinary humans among us. A computer programmer, a soldier, a porn star, and a lounge singer were all once part of Loki’s royal family, gods and goddesses worshiped by the Norse people, and they must learn the truth about themselves and find a way to fight Loki before it’s too late.

Ragnarok, the final battle and death of the gods, is at hand. With every advantage on Loki’s side, the fate of the world rests on the shoulders of a handful of unlikely heroes.

The Wolves of Ragnarok is a fast-paced, thrilling journey that will transport you from modern society into a world of magic and mythology. Loki’s devious designs will keep you guessing until the very end.


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