Business Intelligence Easy: Excel Dashboard for Top Managers

| March 17, 2015


Business Intelligence Easy: Excel Dashboard for Top Managers

One elegant interactive dashboard to actualize business intelligence in a single screen

Do you think your boss might want something exclusive and tailor-made to back him up every time he needs focus and clarity on what’s going on?

This book describes such solution that worked well in real business.

Do you feel wasting too much time updating reports and changing graphs for your routine business review flows?

This book is aimed to help you create easy to use tool and dramatically increase your time-saving and efficiency.

Do you often find your attention scattered around dozens of files and charts while carrying out business intelligence tasks?

Create a single screen dashboard and you may never need to switch between files again.

  • Conduct fast analysis on actuals vs. plan, month to month dynamics, year on year highlights, scenario vs. scenario specifics, whatever to whatever…
  • Have your presentation backed with just one tool in hand
  • Keep yourself up-to-date easily with “update links” in Excel
  • Make your Business Intelligence Easy!

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