The Hitchcock Prophecy

| March 19, 2015


The Hitchcock Prophecy

Professor Ray Scott is frustrated lecturing on ‘Hitchcock: The Art of Pure Cinema’. Desperate to find love and an outlet for his creativity, blind obsession whirlpools him into a woman’s world of deception, treachery and betrayal. Plagued by self-doubt and stifled by Paris, his obsessive nature craves a modern day Grace Kelly and an idyllic life by the coast. But he doesn’t realize that the light at the end of the tunnel is an oncoming train of destruction.

Kelly mixes suspense with cutting edge humour and delivers a razor-sharp plot and story. A powerful but blurred narrative style sucks you into a literary vertigo. In the sophisticated world of a cultural and vivid Paris, real characters with moral murkiness, addicted to blind obsession are driven by revenge, greed and the hunger for immortality. The brutal consequences swirl you into a nail-biting climax with an intelligent twist finale.

About the Author.

Anthony Kelly is a native of the Viking and Medieval City of Waterford. An ex-schoolboy football international and current teacher of languages, he is currently planning a controversial prequel and sequel. – “Dear Reader, I’m very grateful for your custom. I hope you enjoy the story! Many thanks!” – Anthony.


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