Sandpiper Shores

| March 21, 2015


Sandpiper Shores

HOW DOES the seashore bring contemplative moments and sudden insights?

Whatever the answer, profound inner moments and resolves can be forthcoming to the reader of this book of seaside enchantments under the tutelage of the little sandpiper.

Here is one of its offerings:



“Why does life bring such unhappiness?” thought the man.

And he offered an entreaty upon the wind to the sandpiper running in the wave-swept sand, saying, “Please enlighten and inspire me.”

The man noticed the sandpiper’s tracks. “You step so lightly!” he murmured.

Racing with the waves, the shore bird never paused. Obstacles arose and it veered around them. Immediate goals retreated and it abandoned them for others consistent with its pursuit. Water splashed on its plumage and it shook itself and raced on.

The man thought, “You do not dwell on yourself and thus are not self-important. You are a little, living cork on the ocean of life, bobbing with each wave instead of being broken by it.”

And he left, saying to himself, “I, too, shall be little and leave light tracks in the sands of life.”


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