Personal Growth Bundle: Build Confidence, Overcome Rejection, Create More Enthusiasm

| March 22, 2015


Personal Growth Bundle: Build Confidence, Overcome Rejection, Create More Enthusiasm (Building Confidence, Live With Passion, Stress Reduction, Success Mindset, Influence People, Emotional Eating)

Everything In Life Is Based On Decisions We Make

Tools and strategies to step your game up, all in one bundle

There is one thing that is positively contagious and it makes people want to be around you on a consistent basis because your energy bring out the best in others. That is ENTHUSIASM.

There is also one thing that prevents people from manifesting the things they truly desire, yet they know in their heart going for their desires would generate more happiness in their lives. That roadblock is due to a FEAR OF REJECTION.

Everything that you will be absorbing in these two books will offer effective strategies for both cases:

1) Harnessing more enthusiasm

2) Overcoming your fear of rejection

Life doesn’t have to be as complicated as we make it out to be.

We just the right strategy to direct us toward a deeper understanding of what we truly want, what we are willing to do to get it, and how we can get there effectively and efficiently.

Here is but a dose of what you will learn inside of How to Overcome Rejection:

  • The Reality of Rejection
  • Transformation into an Opportunity
  • The Two Solutions: Short-Term Relief & Long-Term Relief
  • Practicing Introspection
  • Knowing Yourself Using The Johari Window
  • Celebrating Your Strengths
  • Addressing Your Challenges
  • Designing Lifestyle

Here is what you will find inside of Enthusiasm

  • How to Find Your Passion
  • How to be Awe-ful
  • How to Overcome Challenges
  • How to Boost Self-Confidence
  • How to Hyper-focus
  • How to Use Sounds, Motion, and Action
  • How to Overcome Stress
  • How to Create & Reverberate Energy

Let’s Make Decisions That Empower Our Very Being And Inspire Us To Bring Out The Very Best In Others

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