The Enterprising Chipmunk

| March 24, 2015


The Enterprising Chipmunk

Khalee the chipmunk likes nuts and seeds, but his family’s food supply is quickly diminishing. Khalee must go out in search of food so he can contribute, but he quickly learns that scavenging for food is not an easy task.

When Khalee searches further from his home, he encounters threatening and treacherous enemies. But Khalee has a plan to outwit them all and bring food back to his family. Will Khalee’s plans work the way he intends or will he fall into the traps of the dangerous snake, fox and alligator?

A delightful and engaging short story for you and your young ones, The Burrowing Chipmunk will have your little one perched on the edge of their seats to find out if Khalee succeeds in his plans!


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