Red Dragon Five (Wolf Dasher)

| April 22, 2013


Red Dragon Five (Wolf Dasher Book 2)

Armageddon in dragon form!
The Red Dragon Project is the ultimate weapon — five women who can transform themselves into mighty dragons, soaring over armies and using their fiery breath to devastate opposing forces.But on its first test mission, the project is sabotaged. Three Dragons are killed, one injured, and one goes missing. Only Wolf Dasher of Her Majesty’s Shadow Service deduces who is really behind the attack.

There’s only one solution: a dangerous, unofficial mission that carries Wolf behind enemy lines. If anything goes wrong, no one will come to help.

Masquerading as an enemy agent, Wolf must find Red Dragon Five before he is discovered and before she can wreak an apocalypse.

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Praise for other Wolf Dasher thrillers:

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State of Grace is a phenomenal beginning to a series.”

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–Karey Chester

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