How To Improve Your Memory: Using This Secret Technique

| March 28, 2015


How To Improve Your Memory: Using This Secret Technique

I always thought I had a good memory but I was having trouble remembering various things for business and my day to day living. One day, I was given a copy of an old manuscript that helped change my life.

As I went through the manuscript, I discovered invaluable tips to help me develop a reliable system to boost my ability to remember key information at the appropriate times. At first, I was a little skeptical but the more I put these methods into practice, the I was able to remember so much more. This led me to ponder one question: if it was that easy, why isn’t everyone doing it? Then I realized that if I was just learning about this method, there were probably a few people in the same position.

Our brains work like a filing cabinet, indexing our activities and countless pieces of information we encounter daily for retrieval at a later time. But why do our brains record some experiences and information and not others? The main reason we forget is that there is no association attached to this new information.

This book shows you how to develop a Mental Filing System, a methodology that reprograms your brain to use mental hooks and image association in order to improve memory. The mental hook teaches your brain how to look up information that has been filed away by linking it with keywords and relevant visualizations. This system shows you how to develop memory abilities that can help you advance in your personal and professional life, by consciously and deliberately file the things that you want to remember in a specific order.

Once you master the method, you can refine your sales pitch, prepare for an important speech, build a mental to-do list or remember important facts and information with little effort. You will learn not only how to retrain your brain’s memory capacity, but how to apply the method in your everyday life.


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