In Memoriam: Pam of Babylon Book #7

| March 31, 2015


In Memoriam: Pam of Babylon Book #7

In the seventh volume of Pam of Babylon, Pam’s ex-boyfriend, Dan Chua is now
married to her daughter Lisa, with a baby on the way. It’s baby season in Babylon as Sandra (the late Jack Smith’s mistress) has given
birth to Brent Smith’s son nine months after Brent’s murder. Once an old love interest of
Dan Chua’s discovers he has become a father, she will stop at nothing
to get her claws and nose in Dan and Lisa’s business. But with her usual grace, Pam rises above circumstances that would shake up most women, and her daughter follows her example.

Readers who love Pam of Babylon look forward to each installment and enjoy free short stories available on Suzanne Jenkins website.

 1. Pam of Babylon
2. Don’t You Forget About Me
3. Dream Lover
4. Prayers for the Dying
5. Family Dynamics
6.The Tao of Pam
7. In Memoriam
8. Soulmates
9. Save the Date
Prequel to Book #10 Julie Hsu
 #10 coming soon! I’ll Always Love You
Short Stories: We’re Just Friends
Free on author’s website: First Sight

“A gritty, realistic portrait of the aftermath of deceit,” Kirkus Review, Dream Lover April 13, 2012

“Excellent!” Dan Georgakas Editor Cineaste Magazine


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