Dragon’s Curse

| March 31, 2015


Dragon's Curse (The Dragon and the Scholar Book 1)

Dragon’s Curse

The Dragon and the Scholar Saga, Book One


On her first assignment out of the Academy, young healer and scholar, Shannon Macaulay is summoned to the struggling kingdom of Regone to see to the wounds of a young but crippled king. When the unwanted attentions of an aggressive knight and the sudden appearance of a hated dragon turn her world upside down, she decides to take matters into her own hands even if doing so proves dangerous.

Finding herself strangely drawn to the company of the dragon, Gnaw, Shannon must force herself out of her safe world of books and botany to come to the aid of her unexpected ally in a strange kingdom, cursed by a fateful encounter with a dragon and the loss of a beloved prince. Can she learn to put aside her fears, and perhaps sacrifice her deepest desires, to help a friend and restore a family?


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  1. Forest says:

    I bought this book from Barnes and Nobles a year ago. It’s a fantastic story with characters you’ll love!