Shadows’ Light: Book One of The End of Fate Trilogy

| March 31, 2015


Shadows' Light: Book One of The End of Fate Trilogy

In Shadows’ Light we meet Rowan, a young soul on a voyage through many lifetimes. From the very first pages, with no time to waste, he finds himself thrust into a journey of adventure, endearment and mystique. Following Rowan is someone who wants to hurt him as profoundly and deeply as possible. Eventually he learns he must confront his fear while discovering intuitive and seemingly magical qualities that are unique to his path and individuality.

The End of Fate Trilogy offers a gripping, well-written tale, based on timeless ideas that are set in an unforgettable situation. Parker Hennegan adds color to this bestselling formula, hinting at a few universal lessons while captivating readers and keeping them turning the pages. He cleverly interweaves the characters’ lifetimes and illuminates human nature through cycles of reincarnation, discovering meaning and progress in otherwise hopeless situations. In Shadows’ Light, the first book of The End of Fate Trilogy, he introduces us to an everyday world we thought we knew, and then leaves us feeling like the miraculous is at our fingertips.

During the quest from lifetime to lifetime, a hateful, spiteful soul haunts Rowan and is determined to inflict confusion and fear. “She wants to trap your mind and imprison your soul…If she can make you afraid, you will forget the courage you have inside to defeat her,” a guide tells him. Rowan learns from his immature actions, eventually developing the abilities to listen to his dreams, read omens and trust his own insight. He is told, “Intuition is the beginning of remembering the future.”

Along the way Rowan meets an older soul who is at times a fellow soldier, a friend, a fortuneteller, but always a guide. “…we have met halfway. I am here because you would come here to find me…” Through a twisted turn of events he discovers his soul mate, his true love, who encourages him to follow his heart. At first he often finds her but doesn’t recognize who she is and shies away. Rowan confides to his guide, “Why am I plagued by heartache and confusion?” He responds, “What our heart really desires is sometimes clouded by what we think we want. You cannot hear the heart of another until you first listen to your own.” The line between friend and foe blurs as Rowan fights battles, falls under wicked love spells and finds meaning where there is hopelessness.

“Inner frequencies resonate through all of time and space. You must now become the master of your own destiny. You must find the end of fate.”


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