Forest Of Love

| March 31, 2015


Forest Of Love

Renee Lawson has determined never to be jilted again. She has even moved to Arkansas from New York to escape from the recent heartbreak. But then Kirk Bedlow shows up. A ranger at the state park where Renee works as a cave tour guide, he is on a mission to make up for a tragic event in his teenage years – an event he is convinced was his fault.

At first, Renee does everything she can to avoid Kirk. As far as she is concerned, the love for the great outdoors is the only thing they have in common. But then he, along with a little girl with Down Syndrome named Corrina, moves in across the street from her. And she and Corrina, whom she presumes to be Kirk’s niece, develop a close bond.

To add insult to injury, the supervisor of the state park staff asks Renee to train Kirk to be her new guide partner. Renee’s heart begins to soften when Kirk rescues her from what could have been a nasty fall. But can she be truly willing to open her heart to a man again? And will Kirk’s secret past – including the truth about Corrina’s identity – bring a permanent wedge between them?

The verdict seems almost sure…until Corrina’s life becomes endangered, forcing both Renee and Kirk to face both their emotions and their belief about the goodness of God.

(Formerly written under the pen name Heidi D. J. Turner.)


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