Hacking Chinese: The Complete Guide to HSK I

| April 1, 2015


Hacking Chinese: The Complete Guide to HSK I (Beginner Chinese)

The present manual includes all the vocabulary that will be presented in the HSK I. We’ve included the 150 words that are included in the HSK I official list and added some others that have appeared in the tests so far. We’ve also included real test examples and exercises that simulate HSK tests, as well as grammar explanations that will benefit your Chinese study in the future.

We’ve put emphasis on learning characters, as we believe that the early acquaintance and knowledge of Chinese characters is essential for anyone that is serious in achieving language fluency. We know that by learning the characters, you’ll build a solid foundation for you future Chinese language studies and language fluency.

Lastly, we believe in learning by testing. Neuroscientists have discovered that we remember better the content that we have been tested on. That is why we have structured this book in a quiz format and we’re able to promise you: if you are able to answer or quiz questions, you are more than ready to breeze through your HSK I.


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