Angels to Ashes

| April 2, 2015


Angels to Ashes

Barnabas, a Demon of Pride with the predatory heart of a salesman, defies the will of the Inferno.

Kalyndriel, an Avenging Angel, staggers beneath the weight of her own sin.

Walter, a damned human, witnesses the impossible, both on Earth and below.

Three unlikely allies unite against a terror beyond good and evil. Threads of desperation bind their worlds together: Hell, Heaven, and Earth. The emptiness before time gives birth to an abomination … one who dreams of unraveling the tapestry of the God who abandoned His children.

Angels and Demons, alike, dance in the darkness as the world of man trembles beneath them. A mystery is born of a simple professor’s death: a trail that unveils the depravity in the souls of God’s firstborn.

All reap the wages of sin. All betrayals become inevitable over the course of eternity.

All is ashes.


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