You Know You are a MOM When..

| April 6, 2015


You Know You are a MOM When.. (Mom Funnies Book Series)

Let’s Laugh out Loud Moms

Parenting can be tricky but still fun sometimes, it’s all about the perspective.

Funny Relatable Jokes for All Moms

Most Moms will identify with at least one of the jokes!

These laugh out loud jokes are of Real Moms with Real pictures living our everyday Mom life. There are so many amazing and crazy moments to being a mother and we highlight some of the very funny moments in this book.

These funny jokes are for Moms, their children, and friends to share with each other

I am sure we have all had this thought once or twice. I am going to tell you a little secret, happiness and joy is all in the act of laughing? The truth is that laughing is one of those things that just comes on instantaneously, and creates feelings of joy, relaxation, and happiness.

Have you ever thought about how you could truly make your life better?

The reality is that laughing is a lot more important than people even realize, especially for all of us moms that tend to be anxious and stressed on a daily basis. For all of us moms, it is important for us to keep laughing, no matter what. Laughing is our gateway into stress-free days that are sprinkled with happiness and joy, and now what could be wrong with that?

We must all strive to laugh each and every day that we are alive.

All of this laughing is definitely sure to keep us happier which will contribute to us being better moms, which means that we will be better people overall, which is truly and utterly amazing news, isn’t it?! We should be laughing whenever we get the chance, and we must focus on laughing just as we focus on ensuring that our kids eat healthy and that we get enough sleep (even though the last one rarely, if ever, comes to fruition).

Great gift for women, all of the moms in your life.

At the end of the day, laughing is healthy, laughing is necessary, and laughing is important. There are so many times in life where laughing is preferable over crying or even getting angry of course, so why don’t we all just commit to laugh at life!

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Read it all at once or Sip it like coffee!

We must put our worries aside and just laugh as much as possible. After a little giggle, we are all sure to be less stressed, happier, more positive, and an all-around more joyful person to be around. So, do yourself and your kids a favor and just laugh! It works, trust me 🙂


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