Coffee Shop Conversations Psychology and the Bible: Live, Love, and Lead Well

| April 7, 2015


Coffee Shop Conversations Psychology and the Bible: Live, Love, and Lead Well

“Jed has a passion for helping people sharpen their leadership and relationship skills at home, work and everywhere they go. Coffee Shop Conversations, which reflects Jed’s love for God and for people, is a tool to help you make your life count!”
~ Pastor Jim Garlow, Senior Pastor: Skyline Wesleyan Church
“Coffee Shop Conversations makes learning psychology and theology easy and engaging. The practical principles taught in this book are quickly learned, and easily applied. I would highly recommend this book to students, parents, spouses, and any looking to grow in their leadership and relationship skills.”
~ Al Menconi, Al Menconi Ministries
“Jed’s Coffee Shop Conversations delivers biblical answers to real-life issues. It will enrich your Christian life–well worth your investment.  I encourage you to read it while opening up your life to God’s GRACE.” 
~ Dr. Donald W. Welch, Ph.D., LMFT, Founder and President, Center for Enriching Relationships
“It is encouraging to have a guide like Jed use his knowledge and life experience to usher us through the clinical frame in order to get to the biblical heart of where joy and peace can reside!” 
~ Doug Swink, Winning at Home Ministries
 “Jed does a wonderful job with this book… If you grew up in the church, you will probably relate with some of it and you will be blessed by the rest of it.”
~ Adam Smith AGBeat Top 50 Influencer 2014

“If suffering has put you on the sidelines, then the healing insights offered by Mr. Jurchenko will certainly give you both the tools and encouragement you need to get back on track.”
~ Dr. J.R. Miller, Author: More Than Cake: 52 Mediations to Feed your Team
“Using principles of Psychology that affirm Biblical truths, Jed shares his own Journey of pushing through adversity to living a Christ-filled life. Jed shares not only his knowledge, but the wisdom that comes with having emptied himself before a loving God. So pour a fresh cup of coffee. Definitely worth the read!”
~ Chris Rader Author: Unconditional Dad: A Father and Pastor’s Journey Through the Words ‘Dad, I’m Gay.

“An insightful and tender exchange where biblical truths and psychological principles intersect. Enjoy this refreshing and poignant resource that goes beyond “good advice” while authentically revealing the golden nuggets that can truly penetrate a broken heart.”  
~ Ramona M. Garretson, Psy.D., MFT, NCC

“In a practical way Jed illuminates how psychological principles are the workable servants of ultimate truth, the Bible. He treads with discernment the narrow path of using enough of personal experience to identify with real folks without bogging down in a slough of subjectivity. Simply put, the teaching is helpful, the read is enjoyable and thought provoking, it lands in the right place…God’s truth.”
~ Pastor Lindell Quam, Senior Pastor: Elim Lutheran Church

In lively, conversational format, Jed provides Christ-centered tools for thriving in leadership, relationships, and life. Whether you are currently in the midst of life’s storms or desiring to take your personal development to the next level, this book is for you. For far too long, the Bible and Psychology have been portrayed as being at odds with one another, resulting in the unfortunate consequence of leaving Christ followers with limited options for growth. This book is different because it is pro-Bible, pro-psychology and pro-you! Coffee Shop Conversations demonstrates how key principles from God’s word team up with seven, well established counseling theories to provide a clear path for a dynamic growth.

Discover a biblical perspective and practical tools from:

  • The Cognitive Theories
  • Choice Theory
  • Attachment Theory
  • Person-Centered Theory
  • Classic Psychoanalysis, and
  • Existential Theory


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