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| July 13, 2007


Well everyone, I’m trying out a different theme today. I’m still trying to find the right look for my blog.

Recently I’ve been thinking about reorganizing it altogether. But at this point I think the best thing I can do is to continue writing, work on my ideas, and tweak it as I learn along the way. I have some new page ideas I’ve been thinking about which I think will be a good addition.

That’s why my new theme has tabbed pages which I like a lot. I’m still learning about WordPress and I was hoping to include some wordpress hints. But the best wordpress information comes from the wordpress documentation itself. So I am going to leave that out.

I do have a couple of tips though: If you change a theme your widget plugins stay intact, but you have to re-add your code for analytics and AdSense. Also ftp is not all that mysterious once you get the hang of it.

You just need to figure out the directory structure (such as where to put themes and plugins, in wordpress it’s the wp-content folder) then use a free ftp program or in Windows XP just create a network place that connects to your ftp server and copy the folder from your computer into the worpress folder on the ftp server.

I hope to include some simple tutorials or at least some links at a later date. As far as an update on my traffic I’ve had a few visitors each day, and the most feed subscribers I’ve had at one time is 2.

I use feedburner to monitor this with the feedburner feedsmith plugin. These numbers fluctuate because my posts have been so erratic that the new subscribers seem to get discouraged and cancel.

Which brings me to my last point. The most important blog tip of the day is to keep writing, it doesn’t have to be perfect each day. Just get to work and eventually it will come together. Until next time NewsScribe :grin:

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