Amish Romance Bundle

| April 11, 2015


Amish Romance Bundle: Short Romance Novels (4 Book Romance Bundle) (Fruitful Love; Love, From Graceland; Prairie Princess; No Other Amish Love)

Amish Romance Bundle

Now you can get the 4 bestselling Amish Romance Novels in a discounted bundle.

The Bundle includes the following books:

Fruitful Love

Hannah is a young and beautiful Amish woman whose day takes a turn for the love as she meets her soul-mate. Unfortunately, he is there for a visit. What will happen to the young lovers as his assignment is over?

Love, From Graceland

Talented oil painter Bethany Lengacher is invited to show her paintings at a prestigious New York art gallery. She is torn when she must choose among sharing her gift with the world, her needy boyfriend Abrahm who wants every ounce of her attention, and her first love Jon Whetstone was returned to a nearby Amish community with a secret that will change Bethany’s life forever.

Prairie Princess

Levi and Eli are like brothers and they were supposed to go herding together, but when Eli had an accident, his wife had to come instead. During the time spent herding sheep together in the prairie they start to feel attracted to each other. But fearing the community’s and her husbands response and consequences of their actions Rebecca and Levi have to sort out their real feelings and decide what is the correct thing to do.

No Other Amish Love

Twenty-three-year-old Mary Hilty’s loses her Dad, Atlee, and now has two suitors interested in her hand for marriage, but only one of them is perfect for love and running the Hilty’s Family’s Bee Farm.


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