The Consultant

| April 12, 2015


The Consultant: An Adult Contemporary Romance (WLUV Book 1)

The Consultant – Passion is always the top story at WLUV.

Jayne Blue introduces you to WLUV, the television station with nothing going for it but hot on-air talent.

THE CONSULTANT is an adult contemporary romance that leads off the WLUV saga.

Macy Green arrives at WLUV after a spectacular scandal. She was the nation’s hottest investigative journalist until her famous sports caster boyfriend publicly dumped her to knock-up America’s favorite perky morning talk show host. They had the romance and sex of the year. She had a pink slip and a broken heart.

Now Macy has been bumped back down to local news, this time as THE CONSULTANT. It’s Macy’s job to fix loser television stations, that’s where WLUV comes in.

WLUV is populated by a quirky cast of characters and is in the ratings basement. That’s why station owner and billionaire, Wes Thompson, wants to shut it down.

WLUV’s one last chance before Wes sells it for parts is Macy Green. Macy Green’s one last chance at happiness is an ill-advised romance with a billionaire, Wes Thompson, if she can stop fighting with him long enough to realize it.

Will the ratings go up? Will WLUV survive? Can a network hotshot find true love in local news? Find out in The Consultant.

Includes a bonus excerpt of The Rookie Reporter: WLUV Book #2

This is a book is a standalone. It does NOT contain a cliffhanger. The other volumes in this series can be read for FREE through Kindle Unlimited. It contains sexy scenes with adults in lust on the way to love!

If you’re a fan of grown-up romance, humor, love, and a dash of action and adventure then WLUV is the newsroom for you!

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