The Savant of Chelsea

| April 15, 2015


The Savant of Chelsea

A little girl grows up in New Orleans. Neglected and abused, she suffers a traumatic loss which leads to her developing mysterious physical and mental symptoms, minimized by a rigid plan of self-care. She must not deviate from the therapy, or the consequences are devastating.

Eventually her genius is uncovered and she attends college in Manhattan. She lives and works in a cloistered environment, protected from the outside world, shielded from human interaction. One facet of her life remains the same; the longing for what was left behind. “Alexandra travels to New Orleans to face the tragedies and secrets of her youth.” Publisher’s Weekly

A compelling secret is finally revealed, taking her on a journey that ends in madness.

The Sequel to The Savant of Chelsea, Gracefully Like a Living Thing is available on Amazon.


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