Balance Beam

| April 16, 2015


Balance Beam

For over sixty years the one hundred mile wide Taiwan Strait has kept the tiny ‘renegade province’ of Taiwan safe from the clutches of China’s People’s Liberation Army. But as China’s military might has grown, fed by the new found wealth of this emergent superpower, Taiwan has been slipping ever closer to within its grasp.

When Martin Chen recruits a Chinese radar engineer to spy for Taiwan’s National Security Bureau, his superiors eagerly seize upon the opportunity to steal the plans to one of Beijing’s newest weapons, the aircraft code-named Balance Beam, in the hope it will slow China’s threatening advance.

But Chen and his agent are not the only players in the treacherous world of spy and counter-spy. Soon both men must fight to survive as they find themselves entangled in plans of others that will change their lives forever.

Warning: this story is intended for mature audiences and contains violence, sex scenes and coarse language.

About the author

Malcolm Garcia is an ex-Air Force officer and intelligence analyst who performed in a variety of Intelligence, Surveillance & Reconnaissance roles. These included several deployments to the Middle East and East Asia. He likes to read novels by Tom Clancy, Frederick Forsyth, Alex Berenson and David Ignatius and hopes that one day one of them will read something written by him.

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