The Thrive Life

| April 16, 2015


The Thrive Life

The Thrive Life is an opportunity; it is an invitation to live the life you have always dreamed of. One of the most frightening things about life is that this is your only shot…you only get one. There are no re-dos, and there are no pause buttons. With each passing minute you are changing and developing into a new person. Those minutes that pass are never coming back, and the choices you make from minute to minute are shaping the person you are becoming. What if you could take control of your every choice, your every decision, and focus all that you are into becoming the person you want to be? What amazing things could you do? What impossibilities could you turn into accomplishments? Gone are the wasted days of wishing for greater things, and behind you are the days of shallow resolutions with no hope for real change. This is your wake-up call; this is your moment. The Thrive Life uses real life experience and practical therapeutic advice from a broad range of psychological theories to provide you with a comprehensive guide for effective living.


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