Ninja Panda

| April 16, 2015


Bedtime Reading : Ninja Panda - children's read along books - Daytime Naps and Bedtime Stories (Ninja Daytime Naps and Bedtime Stories Book 2)

Children’s book ninja kid : Ninja Panda – children’s read along books – Daytime Naps and Bedtime Stories- children’s book ninja kid


ninja books for kids.For many parents, curling up with a book for a bedtime story with their kid is a daily ritual. For others, it is the perfect time to spend time with their children after a busy day, and for some, it is something they should do but are not entirely sure why. Discover these benefits of bedtime stories for kids.

Sharpen their brains

Research shows that one of the greatest benefit of interacting with children, including reading to them stories, is that children learn a great deal of things- from improved logic skills to lowering their stress levels. Bedtime stories rewire the brain of a child and quicken their mastery of language. Their vocabulary repertoire is expanded and their listening and oral communication skills enhanced.

Enhance creativity and Stimulate imagination

If you are a good storyteller, then you should teleport your kid to a different realm- from reality to fantasy for the child to learn the difference between these two. This will enhance and stimulate his imagination.

Emotion development

The kid will learn to experience different emotions while empathizing with the characters of the story. The common emotions of sadness, happiness and anger may be encountered and he will learn to control these in real life.

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  1. Matija says:

    Hi there, thank you for this book. I am coming from Slovenia and very interested in this book. Just wondering if it is only in Englsih language. Thanks, Matija