Users: Book 1

| April 17, 2015


Users: Book 1 (A Superhero Novel) My Angels Have Demons

A pandemic is spreading through the streets of Seattle. Drugs run rampant through its population and no one knows this better than Carter, an ex heroin junkie and down on his luck superhero. Born with a super heated heart, Carter can unleash fire through his pores, sending flames erupting over his entire body.

After his girlfriend leaves him, Carter’s five years of sobriety are put to the test. When a drug deal goes bad, he finds himself in a pickle with the police. After telling a little white lie, that leaves him going head to head with one of the biggest drug cartels in the country, Carter must fight for his life.

Follow Carter and a cast of super powered “Users” as they deal with deceptive allies, killer assassins, and powerful enemies. Users book 1 is like the fight club of superhero books. Quirky, in your face, and foul mouthed, this book is the Sin City meets The Watchmen of superhero fiction.

Users: Book 1 (A Superhero Novel) My Angels Have Demons delves deep into what it means for a recovering addict to live a life of sobriety. Written by a recovering addict, Stacy brings a realism to the subject that almost no other author can. If you’re a recovering addict as well, you’ll appreciate the level of detail that draws you deeper into the story. If you’ve got a recovering addict in your life or have been affected by this disease of addiction in anyway, you’ll get a better understanding of what it means to live with an addiction.

The real life drama is funneled through the action and adventure that comes with being a superhero.

Will his super powers be enough to save him? Will a down on his luck superhero be able to save the city? Will he still be able to maintain his sanity and sobriety?

Find out in book 1 of Users (A Superhero Novel) My Angels Have Demons.

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