The Fountain of Eden

| April 16, 2013


The Fountain of Eden (A Myth of Birth, Death, and Beer)

Welcome to Eden, Virginia. Where gods and mythological beings walk the streets…

It’s not so bad “dying by chemical fire” eight times a day for the slack-jawed tourists. Jack Whiskey’s lived in Eden his whole life, and colonial reenactment is all he knows. Being the town “alchemist” is what he does…well, that and drink beer at the Olde Eden Brewery and Taphouse.

After sampling a few pints of Olde Eden’s new Hoppy Heaven Ale, he learns that a gang of American Indian Trickster gods are distributing the beer, brewed with water drawn from the Fountain of Youth, to every bar in Eden city limits. The crotchety old gods are never happy when people start attaining Eternal Life like it’s every nobody’s business (it always ends badly, usually for the people), and folks around town are slurping down Hoppy Heaven Ale like it’s the nectar of the gods.

In the company of a Greek goddess of death, a renowned detective, and a duo of Mind-wielding Zen monks, he sets out on a journey spanning mythical worlds to prevent the end of the known world. And along the way must realize he has much in common with the Tricksters that started the whole fiasco, or the Earth may drown in great beer.


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