The Chimera Strain

| October 26, 2017


John Frist was a soldier, a hero, and the victim of an IED attack in Iraq before his discharge. He returned home and committed a terrible act of domestic terrorism. Transformed by the StrikeForce technology, he saved New York City from a dirty bomb and nearly died in the process. For him, the ensuing two years has been a bone-wearying series of battles to protect the United States.

Eric Wise has risen from Director of Project StrikeForce to Assistant Director of the Office of Threat Management. Tasked with preventing the end of the world, he protects John while directing the OTM against a vast sea of threats.

The Office of Threat Management still watches over the world and the StrikeForce technology gives John an amazing edge, but will it be enough to prevent a man bent on attacking the United States and reducing it to a third-world power?

Praise for Project StrikeForce:

“…I hit the ending, where Swaim smashes the reader in the face with a large brick. Once done, still shaking my head from impact, I decided that I’d enjoyed that.”-San Francisco Book Review

“…Project StrikeForce is an exciting read. It has action, adventure, intrigue, and violence–but in the guise of a truly well-constructed, well-written science fiction action adventure novel.”-Portland Book Review

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