Adventures of Tommy Smurlee

| April 11, 2013


Adventures of Tommy Smurlee

The Adventures of Tommy Smurlee – Rated Excellent: Reviewed in Church Libraries Journal

Outstanding reading for girls and boys nine and up.

Join Tommy Smurlee for an extraordinary summer at Dunster’s Camp of Mystery and Inventions. Exciting adventures await at a camp where children develop their imaginations, and thinking skills. Watch Tommy Smurlee and the Silver Team encounter a gyrating tunnel, venture onto the Trail of Terror, and master the Wind Whoosher. Camp activities on the Hanging Birdwalk and Thunking are far from usual. Laugh at memorable counselors like Spindlesticks and Filey. Meet characters who inspire as well as delight.

How do you operate a Wind Whoosher? What is a Twickle? Mayhem results from Tommy’s Dreamology experiments. He survives Tunnel Trouble beating Orson Gartini, the Mean Machine, to the first mystery clue. Gartini’s linked to the evil Dagta and Migtwee, but with the Sunmaker’s help Tommy and the silver Team thwart them all but not until Grella and friend Blake discover the Hidden Hall and its Living Art.

Tommy barely survives the SMAC’s attack activity. On the Trail of Terror, Grella faces Counselor Pettypoint’s wrath after she retrieves a clue from Counselor Golden’s room. In Helter Zelter activity Tommy learns the value of orderly thinking. Orson Gartini attacks Tommy in the Twirl Lab, but the Sunmaker restores him. He and his friends unravel clues in the Blue Glow and the Golden Stones. Tommy faces expulsion from camp for accidentally starting a fire in Spindlesticks Twickle Lab, but is saved by an unexpected twist.

Dunster campers learn lessons about life too. Quid and Blake bond as brothers, Grella begins to forgive and Tommy Smurlee finds inner strength he never knew he had.

˃˃˃ The Adventures of Tommy Smurlee will enchant children of all ages and leave them wanting more!

The author Judith Rolfs, Ph.D. turns imaginative eyes on what-could-be and transports children to a place of true wonder as campers learn valuable life lessons while creating amazing inventions.

Her studies in child psychology and creative writing combined for a reading experience intended to help children develop their own imagination and creativity as they’re inspired by the activities and inventions at Dunster’s Camp of Mystery and Inventions.

Tip: The sequel Tommy Smurlee and the Missing Statue is equally exciting.


“Abby (age 10) just loves the Tommy Smurlee books and has read both. It’s great to have her read books that are contemporary, entertaining, and teach God’s values.” John F., Orlando, FL

PARENTS: “My son (Nathan, age 8) really loved them. He adored the character of Tommy. In fact just the other day he pulled them out again and he was so excited to see how you had signed them. He asked if I thought there would every be another one in the series and I said I don’t know. If you ever write another one, please let me know. Also know that you touched my son’s life in a very positive way with your books.” Amy B., Racine, WI

KIDS: “I really love the book Adventures of Tommy Smurlee. I hope you write more.” Ranger (age 13)

“It’s a great, fast-moving, fun book. Some day I want to write a book like this” Drew, age13

“I read it two times in one weekend and at least 10 more times since.” Steven, age 11

“My Mom read The Adventures of Tommy Smurlee aloud to me. I loved it!”Dan, age 7

“I couldn’t stop reading. Grella’s my favorite character.” Christine, age 12

“I read all 200 pages in one week and I keep it on my bedside table to reread favorite parts” Daniel O. age 15

Fill your child’s brain with good imaginative literature. Scroll up and grab a copy today. A great gift book!


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