Walter Stickle and the Galactic Rangers (The Adventures of Walter Stickle Book 1)

| April 23, 2015


Walter Stickle and the Galactic Rangers (The Adventures of Walter Stickle Book 1)

One ordinary man, one extraordinary adventure…

Universal Encyclopedia (713th edition, page 32,603, heading – Galactic History)

On Sidereal 1031.42, as time came to be measured, our galaxy’s five central worlds formed the first Congress of Planets. Headquartered in the city of Jandu on the planet Argon, they were tasked with governing relations between the known worlds.

Walter Stickle knows all about this because it happens to be the backstory of his favorite comic strip, “The Galactic Rangers.”

(entry continued…)

On that date, Congress enacted the Articles, a comprehensive system of laws regulating trade, civil, and interplanetary matters. These Articles have existed for over a thousand sidereals.

And though Walter could recite many of these Articles from memory, he feels no particular compunction to obey any of them because they only exist in the world of his favorite comic.

(entry continued…)

To uphold these laws, the First Congress of Planets formed the Galactic Rangers, guardians of peace in the galaxy. (See related entry, page 45,984, subheading – Galactic Rangers)

Walter could also tell you that, for over a thousand sidereals, the Galactic Rangers have faithfully carried out their mission to maintain order throughout the known systems. Their deeds are legendary and their devotion to duty and the law unshakable, but he only knows this because it’s all good sci-fi fun.

Universal Encyclopedia (713th edition, page 158,129, heading – Unresolved Mission Logs, subheading – Beta Sector, Sol System, Third Planet)

Entry date – Sidereal 2153.65. Scout Ship Iota: Mission – Survey. Status – Classified. Entry – Redacted.

Or is it all just good sci-fi fun?

Walter Stickle’s story begins with an ordinary man, a pair of mismatched socks, a woman with the ugliest glasses on Earth, and a comic strip. When a series of unusual events blurs the line between the normal and the extraordinary, between the real and the unreal, and between science fiction and science fact, it ends with the adventure of a lifetime.


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