Ribbons of Death

| April 24, 2015


Ribbons of Death

When the federal agent Timothy J.
Carter, undercover as an executive with an Ohio environmental firm, sets out to visit Stella Hunter, a disgraced academic, he expects to gain insight on possible causes of a
recent outbreak of madness at a peaceful women’s rally in Cairo. His scarred face and a short footage of the riot are the
evidence he means to use to persuade her to help him without probing his
reasons. What he
doesn’t expect to hear is that a product of ancient myths and legends is
causing these deadly riots. And that another crackpot academic spent ten years
chasing after this
mythological deity. But twenty-four hours later, when a peaceful rally at the Mall in Washington disintegrates into murderous riot that leaves hundreds dead and
thousands injured, Carter is forced to consider the unthinkable: What
if the product of
ancient myths and legends somehow made it on to the US soil…?

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