The Year of Wings: Book One in the Stone Shepherds Collection

| April 25, 2015


The Year of Wings: Book One in the Stone Shepherds Collection

It is 5023 on the planet Whee Elcharon, a human colony twice removed from Earth.

Sabienn Feel is a military cadet being fast-tracked for promotion in his country Hayddland whose enigmatic head of state, The Great Leader, is preparing for war. Sabienn is a lying, thieving cheat but he is earmarked for greatness, despite his erratic attempts to shoot himself in the foot.

His world comes crashing down when one day he grows wings.

With the shock of the hideous on him, he now finds people viewing his once perfect body as something freakish, but not only that; people are now actively trying to kill him.

He also finds out that not only him but thousands of men his age have grown wings around the world appearing to abide by an old legend. It affects only men and they have wings but can’t fly.

With his wings comes an intuitive ability to pick up an object and see a history of someone who held it. This ability has not gone unnoticed by higher powers within the realm.

Subsequently he is issued with a Supreme Order, a compulsory command of The Great Leader to be undertaken for fear of eternal shame. His command is to kill a fellow cadet. He questions the reason for the command even though the man he is assigned to kill is someone he detests intensely. But the successful completion of the Order will bring him back into favour with The Great Leader, the man he worships and who will ensure his survival.


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