Power Games: Operation Enduring Unity I

| April 25, 2015


Power Games: Operation Enduring Unity I

Welcome to the future of America. Land of chaos and home of the ambitious…

A botched assassination on the eve of Election Day throws the routine transfer of presidential authority on its head and the American government into chaos.

With Congress and the Supreme Court locked in a constitutional standoff, rabble-rousing state governors fueling the fire and shadowy opportunists pulling strings, the nation teeters on the verge of a Second Civil War.

While the politicos play their chess games, the pawns refuse to sit idly by. Sometimes the tail doesn’t wag the dog, but strangles it.

Sergeant Major John Brown, a hard charging paratrooper, is about as political as a potato. He’s the last man anyone imagined inciting a revolution…

Young Sophie Kampbell, a social justice crusader, despises violence in every form. On the other hand, when tragedy shoves her into the arms of the mysterious “Freedom Brigade” militias, she finds that a rifle delivers a lot more permanent social justice than any picket sign…

From the rhetoric-stained halls of power to the reluctant warriors on the ultramodern battlefield, get ready to take an extreme tour of the next major chapter in US history.

Keep low, stay alert, and just maybe you’ll survive a tour of duty in Operation: Enduring Unity.

About the author:

Richard Peters is a US Army veteran who spent 27 months bringing peace at any price to the post-apocalyptic streets and mahalla’s of Baghdad as a 13F (Forward Observer).


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