The Seven Steps to Closure

| June 15, 2014


The Seven Steps to Closure

Another book by the mulit-award-winning author, Donna Joy Usher

Winner of the 2012 elit Publishing Awards Humor Category

London Book Festival Honorable Mention

Finalist in the 2012 Shirley You Jest! Book Awards

Finalist in the 2013 Indie Excellence Awards Chicklit Category.

Please note – This is a Chicklit Novel in the style of Marian Keyes and Sophie Kinsella.

Tara Babcock awakes the morning after her 30th birthday with a hangover that could kill an elephant – and the knowledge she is still no closer to achieving closure on her marriage breakup. Things go from bad to worse when she discovers that, not only is her ex-husband engaged to her cousin – Tash, the woman he left her for – but that Jake is also running for Lord Mayor of Sydney.

Desperate to leave the destructive relationship behind and with nothing to lose, she decides- with encouragement from her three best friends – to follow the dubious advice from a magazine article, Closure in Seven Easy Steps.

The Seven Steps to Closure follows Tara on her sometimes disastrous- always hilarious – path to achieve the seemingly impossible.

A credible and amazingly touching debut novel from Donna Joy Usher, this is a solid, light-hearted and honest read with plenty of laughs.

“The Seven Steps to Closure’s heroine, Tara, is an endearing character and her entertaining journey to closure is packed with laughs and plenty of heart.” Tonya Plank, Shirley You Jest! Book Awards judge and author of ‘Swallow’.

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