The Ecto Chronicles: The Complete Ecto Series

| April 26, 2015


The Ecto Chronicles: The Complete Ecto Series

This is an omnibus collection of all four books in the Ecto Series: Soulbond, Hard Reset, A Fistful of Aether, and Helloween Thirteen. (SPOILERS: Read synopses at your own risk.)


The dust settles after the worst man-made disaster in world history. All remnants of the human populace live in a cluster of cities, clinging to life on a mostly uninhabitable Earth. The companies governing the people hold the key to continued survival and the secret to the next stage in human evolution. But this manufactured breed of humans has just one real purpose: to be a centerpiece in the new paranormal war machine and steer the course of the coming battle royale, for better or worse.


It is three years after the assassination of Grant Weiss. The city states have united under the rule of Apex and on the surface seem to be enjoying a time of peace and prosperity, but danger is on the horizon. The possibility of world-wide chaos and death loom when an old ally becomes a new enemy and threatens to deliver the final blow in the extinction of the human race. Dark secrets are exposed as Apex Central is undermined by a unique supercomputer and the clock continues to run down till annihilation.


It is ten years after the deactivation of the EMP towers and the end of the nanobot conspiracy. People have begun to repopulate and build upon what was once theirs so long ago.

Trish Merrick is a member of the Frontier Regulation Force; a paramilitary faction created to protect the outer territories in a new world full of power struggles and greed.

Somewhere in her City of Sirius, a new drug is being developed using aether extracted from ectos. The substance can give humans unbelievable power but at a terrible price. It’s up to Trish, Travis and the FRF to stop the drug before it becomes a scourge.


It is five years after the Sirius Incident and the bad memories have all but faded away. Trish and Travis Garret live and work in New Chicago, Travis as a drill instructor and Trish as a detective with the local PD. With their lives finally stabilized, everything seems to be looking up. But the appearance of a serial killer in the city could endanger their daughter and leave their lives in ruins. Nothing is predictable with a criminal who appears more than human… and perhaps even familiar. It’s a battle against time as both Trish and Travis are pulled into a twisted game with the stakes as high as they get.

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