Among the Fallen: Part 1

| April 26, 2015


Among the Fallen: Part 1

Two worlds. Two storylines. Two very different people making sense of the rubble.

William lives on Kilig 1, a satellite for billionaires, miles above the toxic and war ravaged Earth. But after having a fight with his father he is cast out of his home, and is sent to Earth. There he must not only deal with deadly weather, dangerous people, and a broken civilization, but learn how to start a new life on the cruel planet.

Meanwhile, a young angel, spoiled by the amenities of heaven, is kicked out of his home. He is hunted by the fallen and scorned, and he must take refuge in the only place he can. Earth. There he’ll have to face his demons, quite literally, and trust those he was taught to fear his whole life.

This is a story of unlikely allies. A tale of finding friendship after the apocalypse. And more importantly, a promise that one can pick up the pieces after everything worthwhile has been shattered.


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