Living on Acreage – Experiences of a Former City Slicker

| April 15, 2013


Living on Acreage - Experiences of a Former City Slicker

Do you live on acreage? Have you thought about living out here? Have you looked at acreage to invest in, or to live on? Even if country living is merely intriguing to you, this book describes the author’s experiences of living on Florida acreage since 2001.

The fully illustrated book is divided into five chapters:

Chapter 1 – Lifestyle – These observations from a former “city slicker” gives an introduction to the acreage experience, with observations that may not occur to urban dwellers.

Chapter 2 – Visitors, Residents, Neighbors, and Critters – City residents have their share of pests and vermin, and the author describes (with pictures) some of the common and not-so-common plants, animals, insects and reptiles that can be found on acreage.

Chapter 3 – Resources – You’re not living in the city anymore, and “what you need” can be a long car- or truck-drive away. Here’s some “words of wisdom” on how to live more independently than you did before.

Chapter 4 – Water, Water Everywhere – From lakes and drainage ditches to floods and hurricanes, the author relates how water resources are managed, but sometimes Mother Nature interferes with that work.

Chapter 5 – Land, Lots of Land (to Work) – From tools and machines to “hiding in plain sight”, acreage provides opportunities not only to place objects out of the public eye, but also to keep you plenty busy, with a seemingly never-ending maintenance list.


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