The Case of the Missing Comic Book: Eddie and The Kid Detectives Series

| April 27, 2015


The Case of the Missing Comic Book: Eddie and The Kid Detectives Series, A Fun Children's Book for Kids Ages 6 to 9  (Book 3)


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About This Series:

The Case of the Missing Comic Book (Eddie & The Kid Detectives Series, Book 3) is fun transitional book for young readers, and parents who enjoy reading to their kids. It’s a great story-time book with a higher word count than the average picture book, however it isn’t as long as a chapter book. Your kids will love following along as Eddie and his friends go off on their adventures.

About Book Three:

Eddie’s friend Kevin is so lucky! He is the proud new owner of an original Agent Dash comic book! Agent Dash is Eddie’s detective role model and everyone’s favorite superhero! Needless to say, Kevin is the envy of every kid in the third grade! But when Kevin’s comic book goes missing, he is devastated!

This looks like a job for Eddie and the kid detectives! Will Eddie, Kevin, and Sarah be able to crack the case and find out what happened to the missing comic book? Come along with Eddie’s super-cool detective squad and help them solve their latest mystery!

If you love adventure and mystery you will enjoy this children’s story. Children’s literature doesn’t have to be just for kids—parents should enjoy reading to their children. You will surely enjoy reading this fun and engaging bedtime story about three mystery solving friends. Get it now and start your adventure today!

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