Wonder is a Verb: A Fun And Unique Approach To Learning Classical Philosophy For Homeschool Students (And Parents!)

| April 11, 2013


Classical Philosophy For High School Students: An Introduction, History, And Philosophical Thinking Primer

Are you a high school student? Parent? Congratulations! You are creating the future of your life and the life of this country. Sadly, in both the school systems and popular culture Philosophy and philosophical thinking are almost totally neglected—and sometimes even scorned. To those of us who think outside the box, this is a problem.

Whether you want to supplement your education with a new topic, pursue an existing interest in philosophy, or are just curious, this book will give you something unique and valuable.

Author Thomas Swanson paints a contrary picture of what philosophy and philosophical thinking really is in this uncommon book sharing how he believes the quest of philosophy really started; in wonder—in the hearts of curious men and women in awe of a wonderful world.

In this book you will:

• Learn what philosophy really is, beneath the connotations and negative senses it often has in our culture

• Begin to develop your personal skill of philosophical thinking

• Enjoy an engaging first pass at the history of classical philosophy

• In short, you will learn to wonder from the greatest wonderers in the history of mankind

The book starts off with a surprising description of the philosophical spirit, one that is inspired by wonder. Then we follow five main early Greek philosophers, including Plato and Aristotle, learning from them as they together tackle an ancient philosophical question. Finally, the strategies of philosophical thinking are tied together in a charming conversation between a New York taxi driver and a professor of philosophy, who you’ll see become a philosopher before your very eyes!

This is an introduction to philosophy and philosophical thinking like no other. Enjoy!


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