How To Lose Weight Fast Without Exercise

| April 12, 2013


How To Lose Weight Fast Without Exercise

How to Lose Weight Fast Without Exercise

Look Better. Feel Better

Lose the Belly Fat

Shrink that Butt

Life-Changing Health and Energy

Lose that Ugly Fat and Keep It Off

Get Your Beach Body Back

Table Of Contents


Losing Weight and Exercise

Don’t Have Time for the Gym? No Worry

What is Healthy Weight?

Why is Healthy Weight Important?

Drugs are Not the Solution for Anything

Causes of Obesity

i. Enzymatic Activity

ii. Brain Mechanisms

iii. Genetic Factors

iv. Other Common Causes of Obesity

The Physiology of Weight Loss

The Perfect Mind-set –Beginning the Weight Loss Journey

A Fast Look at Foods, Nutrients – and Their Relationship to Weight Loss and Health

a) Avoiding High-Calorie Foods and Consuming Nutrient Rich Foods More

The Magic of Fiber

b) Refined Carbohydrates – Avoid Them

c) Fat and Refined Carbohydrates – Why You Must Avoid the Junk Foods

d) The Mediterranean Diet – A Plus

I) Replace the Fat you Use now with Olive Oil

II) Eat Vegetables (Lots of Vegetables)

III) Enjoy a Little Starch

IV) Consume Fish and Poultry

V) Legumes and Nuts

VI) Limit Red Meat Consumption

VII) Yogurt and Cheese

VIII) Fresh Fruits as Desert

IX) Water and Wine

e) Raw & Cooked Vegetables

f) Plant Foods as Nutritional Powerhouses

Our Food Choices are the Problem

Natural Ways to Lose Weight

a. Nutritional Body Detoxifications

b. Digestive Health Method

c. Reducing Food Cravings with Aromatherapy

d. Therapy

e. Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

f. Flower Essences

g. Herbs and Spices

h. Hydrating

i. Losing Weight with Living Juices

Some Simple but Great Weight Loss Recipes

Common Myths about Losing Weight

Thank You

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