Take Action For The Environment!

| October 14, 2007

As most of you know today is Blog Action Day! This is the day bloggers take action and write a post about the environment. It’s easy for me to preach the virtues of recycling, or not littering. Recycling is easy because the city gives me a big blue bin that I can throw cardboard, papers, glass, aluminum, and plastic in, and I haven’t littered since I’ve seen that Indian crying in the seventies.

I have a picture of a water fowl with a plastic six pack loop cutting into it’s neck, burned into my mind. Therefore if I ever have those plastic loops I always cut them before throwing them away. I know the storm drain flows straight into the river, so I would never pour chemicals down it.

So for blog action day I need to start 2 environmentally sound habits, that I’m not already doing. I challenge you to do the same. These 2 habits are going to sound simple to you and yet if everybody did them it would have a huge impact on the environment. Plus for me these 2 simple habits will take some effort to make a part of my routine.

First thing, plastic water bottles. I love having a big bottle of Crystal Geyser with me at all times. We all know these plastic bottles are bad for the environment, even the recycled ones use up a lot of energy and resources. I have a PUR filter on my tap, so from now on I’m going to use filtered tap water in a Nalgene bottle instead. I know it sounds simple but this habit will take some effort for me to get used to doing it.

Habit 2 put some reusable grocery bags in my car, and reuse them. I know it sounds simple but this will take some effort on my part. I’m not only posting about blog action day. I’m taking 2 small but environmentally friendly actions. What are you doing?

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  1. YC says:

    You sure do a great deal for the environment Emma! Great job! I got tagged to write about this too and I wonder if I might have gone over my head uh oh…

  2. Emma says:

    Thanks YC, my contributions are pretty small. But better than nothing.

  3. Its sad to see pollution all around our beatiful planet.

  4. i have often thought about not using so many plastic bottle and bags; but now i really want to change my bad habits. we all together can make a difference to save the environment

  5. Emma says:

    Thanks Arthur. I appreciate the comment. Emma

  6. It’s great to see that you are taking action help protect our environment and encouraging others to do so. I agree completely that water bottles are such a waste when you can easily use a water filter at your home. Even though you contributions are small, they all make a difference.

  7. Condition is worst in most of the urban cities of world. Forest have been reduced 250% in last three years. may God bless us.

  8. I have never thought of cutting the plastic loops. Great idea.

    One way my company is helping the environment is by keeping the general public informed about environmental rules they can still impact. We post to our Twitter account proposed Federal Register articles on a daily basis.

    If you are interested, I work at http://www.CyberRegs.com