Red Hope

| April 28, 2015



Join the story in progress…

It’s 2015 and the Mars Curiosity rover rumbles along the crusty surface of Mars. On-board cameras detect something shimmering on the horizon. Engineers re-direct it to go investigate. When it finally arrives, the cameras capture shocking images of five-fingered fossils embedded in a mysterious boulder. Just as Curiosity attempts to transmit the high-resolution images, the power cuts out.

This discovery falls into the lap of an embattled American president who’s not afraid to use it to save his imploding campaign. Next to winning re-election, what do the lives of a few astronauts matter?

Ride along with Captain Adam Alston and his ragtag crew as NASA is plunged into a race to the Red Planet with little time to spare. The troubled astronaut Adam takes on the mission to save his family and his failed career; perhaps not in that order.

Nothing can prepare them for the split-second back-stabbing decisions they’ll have to make. Will a new breakthrough technology get them there in time? Will they find out the origins of the mysterious fossils?

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