Witness To Kill (Change Of Life Book 1)

| April 29, 2015


Witness To Kill (Change Of Life Book 1)

Witness To Kill – “Change Of Life” Series: Book 1

Arriving at her home in the French Quarter one late evening, a young mother stumbles into her roommate and occasional lover being severely beaten just steps below the room where her son lies sleeping peacefully. She sneaks up the stairs past the room to her own room and dials 9-1-1. Seconds later a siren begins to howl in the distance. The men then shoot her roommate and run away after first pausing on the landing and looking up to where she is lodged on the top step between the men and her son. When the cops get there she tells them she saw the two men and can identify them.

The killers may also have seen her.

The rippling ramifications of the murder frame a far-flung and lyrically told mystery that ranges from pre-Castro Cuba to New Orleans and the Cajun world tucked into the Mississippi delta backwaters, to the wealthy glitz veneering the wretched poverty of a Miami ruled by cocaine money.

Mary and her son are in grave danger, and they’re alone. Her best friends have been the now dead Luis, and the gypsy-like Mrs. Cloutier, a woman who seems only vaguely connected to this earth. Readers will be swept into the rising tide of Mary’s panic as she tries to reestablish their lives while trapped between the savage Cuban drug runners who need her silenced, and the pitiless cops who see the risks to her as acceptable collateral damage in their war on drugs. Faced with these perils, the way her life has unfolded has left Mary with nothing and no one to rely on apart from her own judgment. With her history that’s an asset she can’t bring herself to trust.

And, when she flies to Miami to i.d. the killers, escorted by the tall and handsome Clay Mark Walker, one of the two “defective” F.B.I. agents assigned to the case, we witness what looks like the budding of an improbable romance.


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