Advanced Kindle Book Marketing: How to Sell more Ebooks online with new Amazon promotions and Kindle Bestseller Tips

| April 29, 2015


Advanced Kindle Book Marketing: How to Sell more Ebooks online with new Amazon promotions and Kindle Bestseller Tips

Advanced Kindle Book Marketing Tools – 2014 and 2015 promo tips

Learn how to use new Amazon book promotion opportunities

If you want to boost book sales then you need to understand the different Amazon book promotion forums available to self-published authors, especially writers who use Kindle Direct Publishing and Createspace to publish and market books. Included in this book are Kindle Bestseller tips, information about Amazon promotion forums, links to places that will help you publish and promote your books and a variety of advice that will help you sell more ebooks.

Bestselling and Award-Winning Authors have written this book to help you navigate your promotional efforts and have included the newest 2014 and 2015 promo tips available

  • New marketing opportunities on Amazon
  • How to sell more e-books using keywords
  • How to use built-in Amazon Promotion Tools to reach readers
  • Online marketing strategies
  • A list of websites to help boost your promotion efforts

˃˃˃ This book is a step-by-step instruction guide:

It will help you navigate your Kindle Book promotional efforts so you can sell more ebooks online.

Learn to navigate:

Kindle Direct Publishing

Kindle Countdown Deals

Kindle Unlimited

.99 Kindle Deals

All Kindle Promos

˃˃˃ Learn a variety of Advanced Kindle book marketing and Kindle Bestseller tips:

How to use LinkedIn

How to use social media forums like Twitter and Facebook

How to use your Book Blog

How to use Virtual Book Tours

How to get Book Reviews

˃˃˃ Many Author Tools:

Included in this self-publishing book marketing guide are numerous links to help you with book design, book publishing and book marketing.

We also discuss the importance of keywords and book descriptions.

While the focus of this book is selling on Amazon, many of these formulas will help you at other retail sites. If you apply what you learn, your book sales should increase. Of course, we can’t promise you Bestseller status but we can show you how to make real progress, as we have.

Here’s to your success and feel free to visit our website for free and paid book promotions:

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