Eternal Infinite (Infinite Series Book 1)

| April 30, 2015


Eternal Infinite (Infinīte Series Book 1)

Eternal Infinīte by Pam Kesterson

is a horrific tale that combines romance and adventure in a supernatural dystopian setting.

Complete with:

    • angels


  • devils



  • apparitions



  • immortality



  • suspense



  • and psychic powers


Eternal Infinite is the first book in the Infinīte Series.

The secret is not living forever. It’s knowing you do. Changed from better to best.

Shenser brings Saidi back from another realm while she lies in a coma as they create a new coma language for her existence. He escorts her in to a new reality after her identity is taken away and she is left for dead.

While Saidi lives in her coma state Infinītes are gathered up and thrown into prison camps around the world. This group of people never die because they have accessed the secret of living forever through the tree of life.

Later when Saidi awakes she becomes horrified to find the Infinītes enslaved in brutality. She unleashes their exposure and the motivation of their hostile and cruel captivity.

Vampires move over. Finally there’s a book that you don’t have to suck blood to live forever.

Find out more in this gripping beginning of the Infinīte Series.


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