Vivienne: The Lost and Found

| May 2, 2015


Vivienne: The Lost and Found

Mistreated by her brothers, neglected by her mother and father, Vivienne is born in a time when a woman’s life is not her own. She never knows true happiness until she meets Gabriel whose love and convictions encourage her to follow her heart and flout the will of her family. But just when she finds the courage to challenge her family’s dictates her father brings home some peculiar guests who cause her to second guess her future.

Vivienne is an epic two-part historical fiction/romance novel with a bit of a supernatural twist. Part one takes place in the late 1800’s France and part two in the early 1900’s America. It is the story of a first love that spans three lifetimes of heartache and tragedy before finally coming to it’s fateful conclusion.

Here’s a snippet from Part One:

As my fingertips glided across the back of his wrist he grasped my hand and turned my palm over. “Close your eyes,” his voice was soft but willful and commanding. I didn’t hesitate to do as he asked then he lifted my arm and brought it to his lips. There was a dreadful pain at first and I wanted desperately to cry out but for some reason I couldn’t. Then an unimaginable serenity began to settle over me and it felt like I was being turned inside out but in an intensely pleasurable and erotic way. I could feel myself being drawn away and into this strange person kneeling at the edge of my bed and I never wanted it to end.



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